African Rescue Ministries (ARM) is a 501(c)(3), formerly known as Refugees Rescue Mission, was founded as a non-profit in January 2009 by Reverend Innocent N. Justice with Americans and former refugees who had a passion for helping refugees assimilate to their new life in North Carolina. A refugee is a person who was forced to leave their country in order to escape war or persecution based on any type of decimation such as race, religion, political affiliation, ethnicity or anything that may cause authoritarian regimes to persecute their citizens.

We started our work by connecting churches with refugees who were resettled in the Triad area. Local churches involved in helping refugees include Mt. Pisgah UMC and Lawndale Baptist church in Greensboro. These churches took refugee ministry very seriously and their members volunteered to transport refugees to clinic and job interviews.


In 2014, the board of directors decided to expend our work to Africa where many refugees are in need of empowerment. We have been communicating with refugee church leaders in Africa for partnership. Many countries on the Southern coast of Africa refugees are integrated in indigenous communities. ARM strives to build what we call “Bridges of Hope”, through which we train children and youth of refugees along with disadvantaged children and youth of the indigenous communities. By so doing, we build a bright future for both communities and decrease the xenophobia that causes many refugees to lose their lives.



In 2017 we realized that while we heavily support the plight of refugees around the globe, this association became too limiting. The Board agreed to move forward under a new name, African Rescue Ministries, as we expand our work of empowering, impacting and transforming the lives of both indigenous and refugee families throughout the African Continent. As an ARM of God’s Holy Church, we seek to reach across any border which divides individuals and communities and offer them the hope, peace and love of Christ.