Family of God Ministries


We are currently raising money to finish the church building of Family of God Ministries, which is located in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

The Family of God Ministries embodies the vision and the mission of African Rescue Ministries.  Our vision is to build bridges of hope by empowering, impacting and transforming the lives of children and youth of both refugees and indigenous communities. The Family of God Ministries is working to bridge the barrier of xenophobia between the refugee community and indigenous South Africans by helping them lay aside their old divisions to worship the One God and Father of All as brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We started with a goal to raise $13,848.91 to finish the church building the Family of God Ministries has already begun.

The Family of God Ministries raised R80,000 [$5,410], which they used to begin the project. They are continuing to raise funds and provide labor for building construction.  African Rescue Ministries will serve as an umbrella to help raise the remainder of these funds and provide mission opportunities for churches and individuals who may be interested in serving with the Family of God Ministries through short-term trips. 

To date, we have raised enough to complete the walls and roof and begin work on windows, floors and other interior construction. 

Check out our photos and video to see the progress we have made.