Bridge of Hope Training Center


One of the primary goals of African Rescue Ministries is to equip refugees and disadvantaged youth with the skills they need to better their lives and their communities.  We want to “teach them to fish” rather than simply “giving them fish,” as the adage goes.  Instead of creating a culture of dependence, we are helping our youth become self-sufficient.

Along with our continued support of the Family of God Ministries and their present building needs, we are also working with pastor Jeremie to develop the Bridge of Hope Training Center (BHTC).

Presently housed in the new church building at Family of God Ministries, our first sewing class launched in July 2019. Check out the video of our Grand Opening.

This training center will provide short-term life and job skills training for boys and girls.

  • Courses will range from 6 months to 1 year.

  • Courses offered will include brick-laying, electrical work, plumbing,
    sewing, hairdressing, and professional housekeeping.

  • Students will earn certifications that will help them find jobs in their local communities

  • Certificates will be recognized by the South African School System.

Check out our slideshow below to see the Big Picture for building bridges of hope in South Africa.

Grand Opening - July 2019

July 2019 marks the official launch of our first sewing class at the new Bridge of Hope Training Center, currently housed at the new Family of God church building. Join us as we continue to spread the hope and love of Christ in KwaMhlanga, South Africa.