A New Vision with a New Name

Changing names is a practice that individuals or organizations do when necessary. There is something individuals or organizations that change names have in common. In many cases names are changed to fit the new purpose. For instance, in Genesis 32:22-32, we read the story of the man named Jacob who is on his way to meet his brother after many years of a self-imposed exile due to cheating his twin brother Esau. God knows that Jacob needs a transformation before his redemption. God sends an angel to wrestle with Jacob all night long. It is during that Royal Rumble wrestling match Jacob’s name is change to Israel. His name is changed because ‘he wrestled with men, God, and he prevailed.”

I believe Jacob’s life was transformed during that wrestling match. Jacob was a liar and a cheater who would do anything to achieve his agenda, but now God wants to elevate his name as the father of the nation of Israel. During the wrestling match the angel touches the socket of Jacob’s hip, which causes his hip to be wrenched. We may lose something during transformation, but we always gain more after the change is complete.

As an organization, we have been known as Refugees Rescue Mission, Inc. for eight years, but we have been discerning about a new vision and mission since May 2014. We realized that there is a great need in Africa among refugees and non-refugee citizens. The new vision we adopted is to empower children, youth and families of indigenous citizens to help themselves and build a future of hope for their communities. We fulfill this vision though our mission, which is to empower, impact, and transform.

With the new vision and mission that we want to make more comprehensive and inclusive, we decided to change our name from Refugees Rescue Mission (RRM), Inc. to AFRICAN RESCUE MINISTRIES (ARM), INC.  The old name was more limiting to refugees, but the new name is limitless. As Jacob wrestled with an angel for the name change, we too, have been wrestling with different ideas on how to move forward with the name change.  I am so thankful to the Board Members who worked tirelessly through this process of name change and everything we accomplished so far.

Innocent Justice