Meet Yvette


Greetings to all,

My name Is Mahirwe Yvette. I am 21 years old and I’m originally from Rwanda. I left my country due to war and I am currently living in South Africa. I’m from a family of five, four girls and one parent (mother) and I am the first born. My father abandoned us while I was still young and ever since then we haven’t heard from him again.  My mother is the only one taking care of us. She is not educated and being a foreigner in a foreign country with no higher education makes it hard to find a decent paying job.  She is self employed and owns a tuck shop.

I am currently in university doing my second year. I am studying for a BA in Humanities at the University of Johannesburg. My major courses are Development studies and Historical studies. My short term goal is to complete my BA in Humanities degree and do a one year degree in PGCE which is a teaching degree that will make me a qualified teacher. After completing it, I hope to get a job as a history teacher. Then I hope to pursue to my long term goal to further my education by doing postgraduate studies in Development studies and became a qualified development planner. My main goal is not to be a teacher but to travel Africa assisting countries on how to develop and educating young ones.

Although I am in university I find it very hard to pay for my studies. Last year my mother had to borrow money from people in order to pay for my fees. This year I’m scared I might not be able to finish my second year due to the fact that my mother still has debts to pay and her creditors cannot lend her money since she hasn’t paid last year’s debt. It’s hard not having a stable financial assistance as I mostly pay my fees late with added interest on top for late payment and my mother can only borrow money to pay for my studies and accommodation.  As for textbooks, I mostly ask fellow student to help me out.

My dream is to be a development planner because the African continent is in great need of development. I am passionate about helping people and finding ways to improve their lives. My main goal is to assist the African continent by traveling country to country assisting poor countries to end the high number of death in children and women due to poverty. In extending my knowledge on how to assist people I am currently participating in a NGO (non-profit) organization and doing community volunteering. The future of tomorrow lies in the youth of today and I want to be among those youth who will make a big difference tomorrow.

I might come from a struggling family but I know completing my education is the only way for me to be able to help them. Getting my degree is the only way for me to find a good paying job in this foreign country, as foreigners mostly like me who are using asylum seeker permits are mostly denied jobs. I have been failing to get a bursary (scholarship) to assist me. I’m a hard working student who is determined to completing her studies but my financial status makes me lose hope. I am in great need of financial help. Any assistance in achieving my goals will be highly appreciated.

Y Mahirwe


Yvette's story is sadly common among young people in South Africa.  If you can help her in any way, please contact Rev. Innocent Justice directly at

She is a student in good standing with the University of Johannesburg and financial support for her education may be sent directly to the University.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Innocent Justice